Mexican Cooking Class

We hosted a Mexican themed cooking class where we taught students to cook two recipes; chicken fajitas and quesadillas. The quesadillas were super easy as they contained spinach, cheese and beans and only took a few minutes to fry in a pan. They were very tasty!

Indian Night 

We collaborate with Art Society to host a restaurant trip to Millennium Balti in Leamington Spa. This was a great event with lots of people attending from both societies, and we enjoyed delicious Indian food!

Ice Cream Party at Gallones

We held an ice cream party at Gallones Ice Cream parlour in Leamington Spa. We made our own ice cream, choosing the flavours and helping to mix it. Our ice cream was blue and tasted like coconut. We designed ice cream sundaes, did some colouring in and even had a dance party! It was so much fun!

Afternoon Tea at Vinteas

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea at Vinteas, a cute tea rooms in Leamington Spa. There was an excellent selection of black, green, white, oolong and floral teas. The food selection involved lovely sandwiches, a small quiche, scones, and an amazing selection of cakes. 

Korean Barbecue

We had an incredible experience at Jinseon Korean BBQ in Coventry. We enjoyed pork belly and steak cooked in front of us on the barbecue! We ate plenty of kimchi, egg, sweetcorn, and rice too!

Saturday Brunch

We enjoyed a fabulous brunch at Fat Bird's Cafe in Leamington. On offer was a wide choice of options, including traditional english breakfasts but also delicious waffles topped with either bacon or fresh fruit and maple syrup! It was the perfect way to start the weekend!

Doughnut Class

We hosted a cooking class where we made Matcha Doughnuts! We also made mango and matcha smoothies. The doughnuts turned out great and we enjoyed eating, and taking lots of photos of them!

Tapas at Leif

We enjoyed delicious tapas at Leif Tearooms and Piano Bar in Leamington Spa. There was live music and a great ambience, and we were so grateful for everyone who braved the snow and joined us!

Valentine's Baking Class

We hosted a Valentine's Day themed baking class where we taught students to bake red velvet cupcakes! We also made strawberry smoothies and decorated heart-shaped shortbread biscuits. The biscuits looked amazing and were very creative!

French Cooking Class

We hosted a French themed cooking class where we taught students to cook Coq au Vin! The recipe included cooking chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce with plenty of white wine! We added some mashed potato and enjoyed a delicious dinner!

Exec Meals

Over the year we enjoyed a couple of exec meals, to celebrate the success we have had as a society! We had a lovely Christmas Dinner at Xananas on campus and ate tasty burgers at our handover meal at Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Leamington Spa!

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